High Strength Pure Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

beautiful skin

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Formulated for:

beautiful skin: GLA


cell protection: vitamin E

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Tried & Tested*

85 %

felt skin was smoother

84 %

felt skin was softer

87 %

felt skin looked & felt less dry

82 %

agreed supports beautifully smooth & nourished looking skin

Why take Evening Primrose Oil?

  • Rich in the Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acid Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)
  • Helps support beautifully smooth and nourished looking skin
  • Research shows benefits for women's health 

What makes Efamol Evening Primrose Oil different?

Efamol Gives You 33% More GLA (115mg)

Rigel Evening Primrose oil is unique to Efamol. The Rigel Evening Primrose seed contains up to 33% more GLA than other standard Evening Primrose Oil available.†

    Quality & Purity 

    Our seed has been grown and harvested in perfect growing conditions in the Netherlands and New Zealand, by the same growers for over 40 years. Our careful extraction process creates the purest oil, retaining its natural properties and active components. Every bottle can be traced back to the farm.

    Check out how Efamol Evening Primrose Oil compares to competitors here.

      Backed by Science
      • 82% agreed that it supports beautifully smooth and nourished skin.**
      • There have been well over 750 scientific publications on the active ingredient in EPO and over 350 of those have been on clinical studies using Efamol products
      • Efamol has over 40 years of published research proving product efficacy.
      Rigorously Tested

      Each batch is tested for GLA content, to ensure it meets the stated amount at expiry. Our oil has been independently tested for safe long-term use.*

      Additional Information

      • Available as 30 x 1000mg or 90 x 500mg easy to swallow capsules.
      • Made in the UK to the highest standards.
      • Free from dairy, lactose, yeast, sugar and artificial preservatives and colours.

      Capsule Size

      †Efamol Evening Primrose Oil contains 115mg of GLA per 1000mg of oil. A survey of standard Evening Primrose Oil available on the high street shows an average GLA content of 82.5mg per 1000mg of oil. The difference between these two figures is 33%. The survey was conducted in April 2024.

      *Tested by Inveresk Research International, one of the world’s leading government inspected laboratories.

      **The research was conducted between 18 September - 26 November 2020 with 77 women aged 18-65 years. The study was conducted by Cue Consumer Research. The study group took 6 x 500mg capsules a day for 12 weeks.

      Our Unique Process

      Our Fish

      Grown in the Netherlands and New Zealand by the same growers we have used for the last 40 years.


      Only Efamol use Rigel seed which we developed to be 33% higher in GLA than standard Evening Primrose seeds.


      Our unique low temperature oil extraction process ensures the oil retains its form and natural properties.


      Our oil is tested to ensure it contains the GLA stated and has been successfully used in numerous scientific trials in humans.


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