Efamol continues to invest in further development and studies. Efamol will launch new formulas and products that hold our key values of quality, efficacy and ethical practice and help educate our audience in healthier living and wellbeing. 

Autumn 2019

Efamol is repositioned to become more environmentally sustainable and provide healthy lifestyle advice and guidance from our UK team of experts. We have removed unnecessary plastics from our packaging and are finding more sustainable ways to package, develop and distribute our products.

Spring 2019

A three year clinical research plan is commissioned at the University of Roehampton. Simon Dyall will continue his work with Efamol this time researching high EPA supplementation in young adults.


Efamol commissioned two studies at the University of Roehampton with Professor Simon Dyall using Active Memory.  These studies focus on maintaining brain performance in older adults, they analyse the link between brain function and walking speed. (link)


The first study on Active Memory was completed. It assessed the effects of supplementation on maintaining brain function in older adults. (link)


Building on the success of Efalex Brain Formula, Efamol Active Memory was launched in the UK, a product specifically developed to maintain normal brain function and support working memory.


Efamol was acquired by food supplement company, Wassen International Limited, to enable access to many more consumer markets across the globe.


10 clinical studies were undertaken using Efalex Brain formula. Pioneered by Dr Jaqueline Stordy and Dr Alex Richardson into the importance of DHA for children's brain development and function.


Efalex Brain Formula is launched. This scientifically developed formula was pioneering at the time, linking DHA blood levels to brain health in children.


Over 30 clinical trials were undertaken globally using Efamol Evening Primrose Oil. (link)


The Efamol Research Institute was founded.  Consisting of leading Essential Fatty Acid experts globally.


David Horrobin founded Efamol and launched Efamol Evening Primrose Oil.  Dr Horrobin developed Rigel seed, selectively grown to be 33% higher in GLA than standard Evening Primrose Oils.

Late 1950's

A group of researchers, including David Horrobin, studied the properties of GLA derived from the seed of the Evening Primrose plant.  They demonstrated that taking Efamol Evening Primrose Oil supplements increased levels of GLA in the body. They even took this knowledge to develop their own unique Evening Primrose plant (Rigel).