Try Efamol® Pure Evening Primrose Oil for smoother, softer skin

New research[1] using Efamol®’s exclusive High Strength Pure Evening Primrose Oil shows fantastic results for the appearance of women’s skin. After taking Efamol® High Strength Pure Evening Primrose Oil for 12 weeks, 87% of women said that their skin looked and felt less dry, 84% said their skin felt smoother and 85% said that their skin felt softer.  76% believe their skin looks more beautiful and 73% agree that their skin appears to have a radiant glow.

82% of respondents agreed that Efamol’s Pure Evening Primrose Oil supports beautifully smoothand nourished looking skin.

It is not only the appearance of your skin that will benefit. How your skin looks and feels affects how you feel.

In our study:

  • 85% of participants said they felt happier with their skin
  • 82% said they feel more confident about their skin


Fabulous feedback from respondents:

“Loved using these capsules. Amazed to get such great results.”
“My skin feels incredibly soft.”
“I feel that my skin looks and feels softer and feels more nourished.”
“The capsules have given me new skin confidence.”


This new research is the latest from Efamol® on their exclusive high strength Evening Primrose Oil. Efamol Evening Primrose Oil has been successfully used in over 30 scientific trials over the last 40 years.

Try Efamol® Pure Evening Primrose Oil as part of your daily routine.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.

[1] The research was conducted between 18 September - 26 November 2020 with 77 UK consumers (women) aged 18-65 years from the UK. The study was conducted by Cue Consumer Research. The study group took 6 x 500mg capsules a day for 12 weeks.

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