Red Looks

1 July 2005

Publication: Red

Which of these women look best for her age?

The ex-smoker, the sun lover, the two-litres-of-water-a-day girl – see if you can spot the effect their lifestyle has had on their skin. That’s what we asked two experts to do, then provide a prescription to help reverse the damage.

20s – Eileen Becker, 28, is an intern at a busy London public relations company and comes from Berlin, Germany.

SMOKING – ‘I’ve never smoked and I’m sure my skin will thank me for it later in life.’

ALCOHOL – ‘I might have a beer or glass of wine during the week, but I don’t really drink that much.’

DIET – ‘I eat loads of fresh fruits and cereal. My breakfast is usually muesli with a little milk or natural yoghurt. For lunch I have a salad, and for dinner lots of veggies with chicken or fish – I love salmon, shrimps and tuna. I rarely eat red meat. I always have a coffee in the morning to wake me up – and once in the afternoon if my energy id flagging. I like to drink green tea, which is full of antioxidants that are great for your skin and immune system. I also drink huge amounts of water, probably between one and two litres a day.’

SKINCARE – ‘I never have a regular regime and wash with a non-soap cleansing bar, followed by an astringent cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream. I’ve started to notice lines recently, so I’ve just bought a night cream.’

MOTHER’S SKIN – ‘Both my mother and grandmother had good skin, so I’m hoping that I will have inherited their genes!’

SUNBATHING – ‘Even though I don’t burn I still protect my skin on holiday, and if I’m doing outdoor sports. I start using SPF30 and then move down to 20 and then15.

EXPERT DIAGNOSIS – ‘At first glance. Eileen’s skin looks fresh and in good condition, but close up I can see signs of damage,’ says Susie Lung. ‘She spends a lot of time outdoors and needs to up her protection and moisturisation, particularly on her neck, which looks very dehydrated. She has quite a few blocked pores and uneven patches, which are due to not cleansing thoroughly. Her lips are dry, too, so she would invest in a good lip balm and a few professional facials.’

SKIN PRESCRIPTION – ‘Eileen isn’t cleansing her skin thoroughly,’ says Amanda Banks. ‘She should massage damp skin with a gentle cleanser such as a Nivea Visage Refreshing Facial Wash Gel, £4.49, removing it with a hot flannel and warm water. A non-alcohol-based toner will boost hydration and soothe her skin. As her skin is already showing signs of ageing, she needs anti-ageing day and night creams. I’d suggest Nivea Visage Beauty Boost Day Cream, £12.99, and Night Cream, £13.75, which contains creatine, a nutrient-rich smoothie for skin cells. Eileen would also benefit from an Omega-3 supplement, such as Efalex Capsules, £18.99.’

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