The natural alternative for eczema

14 September 2011

Extensive research has been undertaken to investigate effective treatments for eczema sufferers and the natural answer may lie in Evening Primrose Oil.

In 2006 a meta-analysis  of 26 clinical studies was undertaken, which confirmed that Efamol® Pure Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) could be used as an aid to maintaining healthy skin. Among the subjects treated with either Efamol® EPO or placebo, a significant improvement was seen in the itch, crusting, oedema and redness caused by eczema in the Efamol® group compared to the placebo group. 

Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil contains high levels of the omega-6 fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA plays an active role in the normal structure of every single cell membrane in the body and is essential for skin structure. A lack of GLA can lead to dry skin because the cells become less efficient at retaining moisture.

Not all Omega-6 fatty acid dietary sources are the same. Evening Primrose Oil is an excellent source of GLA, providing it in a form that is readily utilized by the body, which is not the case with ordinary vegetable oils. 


The importance of fatty acids

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