Efalex really is Formula 12

12 December 2009

Efalex has appeared in television adverts for the first time in recent years.

This 15 second advert was shown on Finnish national channels during August/September 2009, which are key months for "back to school".

The animated advert opened with a Formula 1 car racing round a track. In the slipstream of the car appears the key ingredients "omega-3 fish oil and omega-6 evening primrose oil, arachidonic acid - the turbo neurotransmitter of the brain" and as the frame spans out the viewer sees that the car is racing round the channels of the brain. The voiceover translates into "I've got it! Efalex lubricates your brain to allow it to function at top performance. Efalex is the rally-oil of your brain!"

You can see the advert here.

The TV campaign was backed up with posters for pharmacy windows and online education through a dedicated Efalex website. Efamol wishes to congratulate our Finnish distributor on devising such an imaginative advertising campaign that tied in with current events - a sure way to attract attention!

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