Evening Primrose Oil Clinically Proven

25 August 2006

A new meta-analysis of 26 clinical studies confirms Efamol® Pure Evening Primrose Oil’s efficacy in treating atopic eczema

For the one in ten adults and one fifth of all school age children who suffer with eczema, the condition can be uncomfortable at best, and painful and debilitating at worst. 73 per cent of sufferers worry about their appearance, 47 per cent are embarrassed when with people they don’t know, and 46 per cent feel there is no release from their condition .

But with National Eczema Week from 16th to 23rd September, a new meta-analysis of 26 clinical studies has confirmed that there is an effective natural alternative for eczema sufferers in the form of Efamol® Pure Evening Primrose Oil.

Of the 1207 participants treated with either Efamol® Evening Primrose Oil or placebo in research spanning over 20 years, a significant improvement was seen in the itch, crusting, oedema and redness caused by eczema.

Studies have shown that people suffering from atopic eczema may have reduced levels of essential fatty acids such as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is important as it converts in the body to form prostaglandins which regulate cell growth, help maintain healthy looking skin and are a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Efamol’s technical director, Peter Clough comments: “This overview of research suggests that Efamol® Pure Evening Primrose Oil is particularly beneficial for eczema sufferers receiving no or low dose steroid treatments for complaints such as itch and redness and adds to an already impressive volume of data indicating that this natural remedy can benefit both irritated and healthy skin.”

Efamol® Pure Evening Primrose Oil is made from a patented seed called Rigel that produces oil containing up to 33% more GLA than other evening primrose oils. It is extracted in a manner unique to Efamol which maintains all the natural properties of the seed and its efficacy has been proven in more than 300 clinical trials in humans.

Efamol® Pure Evening Primrose Oil is available in 500mg 30s and 90s and 1000mg 30 capsules priced at £3.99, £8.99 and £7.49 respectively, and in liquid form priced £7.99, from Waitrose, Boots, GNC, health food stores and pharmacies. For further information please contact 0870 6060128 or visit www.efamol.com

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