Easy PMS Cures

16 November 2005

Eat brazil nuts

Suffering from PMS bloating? A recent study from the University of Reading suggested that just 200mg of magnesium per day could reduce water retention and bloating. Magnesium is found in abundance in nuts, especially brazil nuts – just 10 of these a day will provide you with enough of this vital mineral. Nutritional therapist Patrick Holford (www.patrickholford.com/pms) says: ‘Low magnesium levels may also decrease dopamine levels, contributing to depression.’

Combining magnesium with 50mg of vitamin B6 can also reduce mood symptoms such as anxiety. Try Boots Feel The Difference Monthly Cycle, £8.99 for 30 caps.

There are also alternative remedies that can help ease PMS. Try Evening Primrose Oil such as Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil, £7.55 for 30 caps, from Boots, if you’re suffering from breast tenderness. Mood swings can be eased with A Vogel Agnus Castus Tincture, £7.99 for 50ml (www.elixirhealth.co.uk). And Medic Herb Black Cohosh & St John’s Wort, £14.99 for 30 caps (www.medicherb.co.uk), is good for anxiety and depression.

A trial at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in London is currently looking to see if red clover will help to reduce PMS symptoms by stabilising hormone levels. Discuss any decision to take these supplements with your GP – St John’s Wort can have an impact on the effectiveness of the Pill.

The importance of fatty acids

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