Easing Adolescent Eczema

1 April 2006

Teenage years can be traumatic but for the 15-20% of UK school children* that suffer from atopic eczema the prospect of the condition continuing throughout adolescence can be an added burden.

Cases of eczema have increased three-fold over the past thirty years and can affect people of all ages. This National Allergy Week (15-21 May 2006), Efamol is providing some key advice to teenage eczema sufferers.

1. BE GENTLE TO YOUR SKIN – Teenage years are a prime time for girls to experiment with their appearance but sometimes make-up can cause skin to dry out. Hyper-allergenic brands or make-up specially formulated for sensitive skin can provide an ideal solution. Boys, if you are the sensitive type then look to non-fragrant shower gels and gentle soaps to reduce symptoms of dryness.

2. TIDY THAT ROOM – Atopic eczema is caused by sensitivity to allergens in the environment. This means that dust mites and pet fur in the home can be a real problem so it is important to keep bedrooms clean. Vacuuming mattresses on a regular basis and changing bedding regularly will also help to keep irritants at bay.

3. CHILL OUT – With exams and mounting school work, being a teenager can be tough. Stress can aggravate eczema flare-ups so plan revision and deadlines carefully to help keep stress levels down. Other methods of relaxation include exercise, aromatherapy or spending time with friends and family.

4. DRESS TO IMPRESS – Experimenting with clothes and fashion is a big part of growing up but some harsh fabrics such as wool can irritate the skin. Choosing smoother materials such as cotton will help. Removing labels from clothes will also reduce the risk of irritation.

5. FEED YOU SKIN - Studies have shown that people suffering from atopic eczema may have reduced levels of essential fatty acids such as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is important as it converts in the body to form prostaglandins which regulate cell growth, help maintain healthy looking skin and are a powerful anti-inflammatory. Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil provides a ready made supply of GLA which is 33% more potent than any other Evening Primrose Oil thanks to the unique Rigel seed. When taken daily it has been shown to noticeably improve healthy skin to give a smooth, natural glow.

For more information ring the Efamol Helpline: 0203 8651739 or visit www.efamol.com

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