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1 February 2005

Publication: Health and Fitness

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HELP! I'M STILL GETTING SPOTS!Q – I'm in my early thirties and still get regular breakouts of spots. It's not serious for prescription drugs but I would really like to get rid of them. Can you help?

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Nutritional therapist Maryon Stewart replies:Eating a wholesome diet is an important factor. Have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoid animal fats (such as red meat and dairy products), as well as refined foods (such as white pasta and white bread) and sugar.

Avoiding wheat for a while and concentrating on other grains (corn and rice in particular) seems to have a good effect on some people.

Combine this diet with a good strong multivitamin and mineral, a 30mg supplement of zinc amino acid chelate and Efamol Evening Primrose Oil each day (available from 020 7631 4235, or You could also try following and elimination diet for four weeks – I recommend the 'Discovery Diet' in The Model Plan (£7.99 from 020 7631 4235, or

The importance of fatty acids

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