A Calming Influence At Christmas

7 December 2005

It’s meant to be the season to be jolly but a recent study* reveals that 41 per cent of adults find Christmas a stressful experience.

For those with children, the festive period can be an especially taxing time as parents find their little angels turning into little devils as the excitement of the season gets too much.

This year, help is at hand from Efamol, which has devised the following tips to keep kids calm this Christmas:

Get organised – It may only be for one day of the year but if you can get everything planned in advance, you’ll find it much easier to relax, enjoy the festivities – and have the energy to deal with your little darlings.

Dealing with pester power - a great way to deal with “pester power” is to get your child to make a wish list. Make it clear that Santa will bring a certain number of gifts but not necessarily everything they ask for; this is a good way to get your child to prioritise their wish list.

Enlist them as Santa’s little helpers – ask the kids to help you with Christmas preparations like decorating the tree. Kids also love to get involved in the kitchen – get them to give you a hand with the mince pies. These little tasks should keep them occupied – and quiet!

Relax - enjoy the unpredictability of this festive time of year If you are relaxed and flexible you and your children will enjoy it more

Enjoy food, especially all the great seasonal treats around – while it’s not normally a good idea to let your kids overindulge in sweet treats, try not to worry too much at this special time of year if your good intentions are disrupted.

Use a FREE reward chart – To make life easier take a tip from Supernanny and use a chart to reward all the good behaviour and happy interactions with your children over the holiday period. Efalex is currently offering parents a free colourful reward chart. Dr Jackie Stordy, independent nutrition consultant comments: “This is not a time to be over controlling and anxious about food and the nutrients it provides, it is a time to enjoy the love and pleasure associated with sharing delicious food. “

“The brightly coloured “Mr Chewy at Sea Reward Chart is a great way to give parents a helping hand. Featuring an array of sea creatures and Mr Chewy stickers, the idea is that you present your child with a sticker each time they behave well, culminating in a special sea treasure chest sticker, which could be rewarded with a special treat, such as a visit to Santa.”

For a free “Mr Chewy at Sea Reward Chart, please call Efalex on 0870 6060 128 or e-mail info@efamol.com.

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